Martin is available to speak on a variety of topics including:

  • Energy Security: This talk considers energy security in the new energy era and its implications for US geopolitical strength and business as told through the eyes of former US Deputy Secretary of Energy.


  • The Future of Nuclear Energy: This talk considers Nuclear power’s role in achieving energy security and environmental quality including strategies for reducing risks of security and non-proliferation. As Chairman of the Nuclear Energy Advisory Council (NEAC) of the Department of Energy for ten years under President Bush and Obama, Martin recaps over thirty years of experience in nuclear power.


  • US-Japan Strategic and Energy Relations: With forty years of experience working with Japan as head of the US-Japan Santa Fe Seminar, Martin describes current US-Japan challenges and opportunities as outlined in testimony before a government committee on the aftermath of Fukushima and the role of US-Japan relations.

  • The Republican Party—Strategies for Victory in 2016:  As former Executive Director of the Republican Platform Committee, Martin outlines ideas and strategies that can bring Republicans victory in 2016.


  • Ronald Reagan, The Man: A first hand look at Reagan’s style and legacy from the perspective of the Chief of Staff of Reagan’s National Security Council who had an office in the basement of the West Wing.


  • Balancing  Environmental Sustainability with Economic Growth: This talk explores ideas for how we can achieve prosperity without severe regulation and constraints on the economy.


  • Homeland Security in the 21st century:  As head of Reagan's domestic nuclear emergency response effort during the era of the Cold War, Martin reveals strategies that worked for Reagan and can be applied today.

Martin during a Cabinet Meeting in 1985

Martin during a Cabinet Meeting in 1985

Previous Speaking Venues Include:

  • The Council on Foreign Relations
  • Davos World Economic Forum
  • 26 Testimonies before US Congress  
  • The College Republican Association at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch London, UK
  • French Assemblee Natonale
  • Japanese Diet 
  • Trilateral Commission
  • Fox News
  • Canadian TV (CTV)
  • And many more... 

Martin discusses the relationship of energy with geopolitics, modernity, and the environment, as well as sources of clean and renewable energy on a panel at the Council on Foreign Relations headquarters in New York. 

Martin Discusses US Energy Policy on NPR's Diane Rehm Show

Martin Delivers a speech for the Institute of Technology for Social Change.

Martin discusses Margaret Thatcher's legacy and her relationship with Ronald Reagan on Canadian TV (CTV).  


For all speaking inquires please contact